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The Secret of Jnanayoga

This book is a unique collection of twenty-seven didactic articles by revered Sri Jayadayal Goyandka describing beautifully in detail the nature and form of soul (Self) and super soul (supreme Self), sense of discretion, dispassion, natural phenomena, sen
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The Secret of Karmayoga

In these discourses, the main theme is that of karmayoga, even though some cover discussions on various social aspects, as well as the position and duties of women in society, among other subjects.
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The Secret of Premyoga

The character of divine love cannot truly be described. It makes the devotee the very embodiment of love, the very sight of the divine lover brings a new life to the heart and makes it bloom like a flower.
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The Story Of Ramakrishna Mission [Hardcover]

This is the story of Ramakrishna Mission. At the down of the third millennium, Ramakrishna mission reviews the story of its 109 years of loving service of humanity or, in the world of swami Vivekananda, service to that God who by the ignorant is called ma
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The Teachings of Ramakrishna Paramamhamsa

This book included 35 chapters on subjects including Religious differences, Path of Devotion, Service to Society, Religious Reform, Women and Mother, Power of Prayer.
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Theory of Karma (English)

A view and description of the philosophical theory of Karma. An insight into the laws and features of the idea of Karma and Moksha...
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triplen introduces an un-conceptually motivated terrorist who openly claims to shatter world peace into pieces
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Vastu, Astrology and Architecture

Vastu Sastra, an important limb of Jyotisa or astrology, is an ancient science and study or architecture and engineering. The present volume is an outcome of a symposium on Vastu. One of the goals of the symposium was to revive the lost glory of Vastu and
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Vedanta Sadhana And Shakti Puja

Swami Swahananda is a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order and has been spreading the message of Vedanta in the west for many decades now.This book is a collection of his writings and speeches compiled by his disciples and admirers.
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Where There Is Light

Where there is light brings clarity and focus to our search for inner and outer harmony by highlighting unchanging universal principles vital for well-being of body,mind and spirit
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