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The Devotional Poems of the Mirabai

This book offers the reader a sober English translation of two hundred of Mirabai's Padas, based on the interpretative work of Indian scholars that has appeared during the last few decades. Three introductory essays deal with her life, her place in the Bh
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The Glory of Sri Gangottari

The prayers to River Ganges. All Sanskrit slokes translated in English language.
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The Story of Mira Bai

Mira Bai is a great devotee of Krsna, who sang her songs, unperturbed by persecutions, this devotee infused courage in the aspirant on the path of love. She lived the message she preached, and boldly proclaimed the doctrine of absolute faith, and devotion
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The Supreme Mother - Goddess Durga

Worshipping gods and goddesses has always remained an integral and inseparable part of the Hindu religion. Goddess Durga reigns as the Mother Supreme. She assimilates the myriad concepts of innumerable forms of...
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